Code of Conduct Mission Statement

The University System of Maryland at Hagerstown seeks to protect the campus community and promote the moral and ethical development of students. We have an obligation to regard each student as an individual, deserving individual attention, consideration and respect. The standards outlined in each university's code of conduct arise from the key values of personal responsibility and respect for others. By presenting these to you, we hope to begin a process that will lead to your support of the guidelines and the values upon which they are based. It is our hope that the response to these expectations will be a positive one that enables our community to better achieve its educational mission and to affirm the wholeness of that mission, inside and outside the classroom.

Listed below are links for each home institution. If a student at USMH ever encounters an issue regarding policy, please refer to the home institution's policy. For questions or concerns, please contact Erin Harman at

Student Conduct Policies