The best way to get involved at USMH is simply to talk to our other students and make connections. Because the convenience of USMH allows our students time to hold jobs and stay involved with their family and friends, this also means that our students are highly focused on their studies while on campus. Still, there are many opportunities to continue pursuing passions and connect with other students. 

Student Clubs Listing:

More about USMH Clubs 

Student Council

Build Your Resume. Succeed In Service.

USMH Student Council (USMHSC) began in Spring 2010. Since that semester USMHSC has successfully negotiated a reduced student parking rate, welcomed students back with a free coffee or pizza bars, ensured that the student voice was represented in Annapolis during the annual legislative sessions, participated in numerous community service projects and helped community leaders raise scholarship funds to make college more affordable for students.

USMHSC will continue to improve and expand the amenities and services available to students, and building a stronger and more united student community. USMHSC uses several communications tools to make it easier for students to connect and share suggestions and comments through Facebook, e-blasts, and USMH digital signs.

The USMH Student Council is a great way to gain valuable leadership experience, while helping to make USMH a stronger and better place.

MeetingsMeetings will be determined by student schedules. 

: For more information, contact Bonnie Sanders at

Psychology Club: Veritas Vitae

The purpose of this club shall be to provide an entertaining and educational atmosphere in which students can further their knowledge and interest  of psychology. Through eclectic awareness and understanding, this club seeks to impart a growing compassion and acceptance of all cultures, beliefs, and ways of life.

Veritas Vitae is open to all Frostburg State University (FSU) students and faculty, incoming, present, and alumni. Membership is open to FSU students of any curriculum who have an interest related to psychology.

For more information, contact Dr. Chris Masciocchi at

FSEA (Future Student Education Association)

To serve our educational community in Washington County, while networking with future teachers within the state of Maryland. Open enrollment is limited to FSU education students and begins in September each year.

For more information, contact Dr. Kris McGee at