Because USMH is a Regional Higher Education Center, you will pay your tuition to your participating university institution - not through USMH.

For example, if your program is through Frostburg State University, you will pay your tuition to Frostburg State University.

Is USMH cheaper than attending main campuses?

In many cases - yes! Regional rates apply for students who attend on-site classes offered at USMH and who reside in one of the neighboring counties to Washington County including: Morgan, Berkeley and Jefferson Counties in West Virginia; Fulton, Franklin and Adams Counties in Pennsylvania; and Loudoun County in Virginia. Please note: The regional rate varies among the participating universities of Frostburg, Towson, and Salisbury. Please check with your home institution for rates.

Oftentimes, our students are able to attend their university program by staying at home. They save money by not needing to pay for “Room & Board” in a dorm, or move across the state, or commute long distances.

What about financial aid?

Because you will pay through your home institution, there are TWO options for financial support for USMH.

  1. Apply for financial aid through your participating university. Look for deadlines, such as the “FAFSA,” a need-based application form.
  2. Apply for Scholarships through USMH. Our local community in Washington County has supported USMH students through various scholarships. Browse the scholarships to apply.

Remember: Students will pay the tuition and fees charged by the participating university to which they are admitted. Please review the tuition and university fees before getting started.

Find your tuition & fees through your university:
regional map