Our facility can be leased for the purpose of holding an educational, cultural, informational, or training program. Additionally, corporate-sponsored social events can be accommodated at USMH Hospitality Center, the lobby, and some outdoor spaces.

Please be aware that setup and breakdown time is not included in any rental timeframe; therefore plan your setup and breakdown accordingly as fees will be applied to additional time added outside your contract timeframe.

The maximum room capacities have been listed as regulated by the fire code and cannot be exceeded for any reason.

Discounts are available for Government institutions, Non-Profit organizations, and USM institutions on current room charges. 

For inquiries and rentals, please contact Lisa McCulloh at 240-527-2729 or lmcculloh@hagerstown.usmd.edu.

Please Note:

  • Smoke-Free Campus Policy: USMH provides students, faculty, employees and visitors with a healthy, smoke-free campus as of July 1st, 2013. All University System of Maryland (USM) colleges and universities now prohibit smoking on campus. The smoke-free policy was approved in June 2012 by the USM Board of Regents to reduce the health risks associated with first- and second-hand smoke. Smoking is not permitted in or around campus buildings, including leased properties, on campus walkways, or in University Plaza. Signs are posted to remind guests and visitors that the policy applies to them as well as students and USMH employees and contractors. Cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, pipes, and hookahs all are included in the ban.

  • Set-up time will be counted for computing the total room reservation time

  • Rental rate effective as of August 1, 2023