Because USMH is a Regional Higher Education Center, and all students apply to their participating university, financial aid is available to eligible students through each of the participating universities. 

If you are seeking financial aid, you must apply through the institution to which you are accepted.

Additional Scholarships are available! 

For all USMH students, there are additional scholarship applications and opportunities. Our local community in Washington County has supported USMH students through various scholarships. And, we always try to bring you external scholarship opportunities that may be unique to your program or industry.

Browse the scholarships to apply.

Federal Programs

Funds are available through the federal government through grants, low-interest loans and work study. To apply for these programs, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid Form (FAFSA). You can complete the form online at You will need to list the school to which you have been accepted and the following Title IV code:

  • Frostburg State University - 002072
  • Salisbury University - 002091
  • Towson University - 002099
  • University of Maryland Eastern Shore - 002106
  • University of Maryland Global Campus - 011644

Another source of federal aid is The Student Guide (Financial Aid from the U.S. Department of Education). Information and application may be obtained online at

State of Maryland Programs

Scholarship/grant money is available through the State of Maryland. Funds are both merit- and need-based. To apply, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid Form. You can complete the form online at  

Out-of-state residents can apply for tuition assistance to reduce tuition from out-of-state rates to in-state rates. This program has a Maryland post-graduate service requirement. If you are interested in this program or any of the other State of Maryland programs, see


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