Management Information Systems (B.S.)

Management information systems are a critical part of the strategic decision-making process in virtually all of today's public and private organizations. Developed by chief information officers and other high-level IT professionals, the online bachelor’s degree in management information systems from University of Maryland Global Campus is well-suited for those looking to move into a management position and bridge the gap between an organization's functional users and its technical developers.

Through your coursework, you will learn how to:

  • Communicate effectively, orally and in writing, meeting expectations for content, purpose, organization, audience, and format
  • Utilize diverse technologies to achieve project-level or organizational information systems objectives, within diverse areas, including cybersecurity, project management, software development, data analytics, and business process analysis
  • Apply appropriate management, analysis, and measurement methods and tools for information systems and technology to meet organizational strategic and operational needs
  • Utilize business intelligence and data analytics tools and techniques to generate actionable insights that support achievement of strategic or operational objectives 
  • Analyze recent and projected developments, implications, and applications of existing and emerging technologies, taking into account ethical issues and global and multinational corporate perspectives 
  • Incorporate cybersecurity and risk management best practices in the planning, development, and use of information systems
  • Develop clear and concise technical and functional requirements, including the use of data and process models, for information systems development and implementation
  • Create information technology strategic and implementation plans that support organizational strategies and activities and improve processes and outcomes
  • Develop organizational policies, standards, and communications to inform end users about relevant IT operations issues, including ethical issues and accountabilities
  • Collaborate with team members to plan, evaluate, and document technology solutions

A degree with a major in information systems management requires the successful completion of 120 credits of coursework, including 33 credits for the major; 41 credits in general education requirements; and 46 credits in the minor, electives, and other degree requirements. At least 17 credits in the major must be earned in upper-level courses (numbered 300 or above).

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