Criminal Justice (B.S.)

The online bachelor’s degree program in criminal justice at University of Maryland Global Campus is uniquely designed to provide you with an understanding of crime and criminal behavior, the roles of practitioners within the criminal justice system, and the critical thinking and ethical decision-making strategies necessary to meet the professional demands of the field of criminal justice.

Through your coursework, you will learn how to:

  • Evaluate the roles and responsibilities of police, courts, and corrections within the American criminal justice system
  • Utilize ethical reasoning, analytical skills, and professional knowledge to investigate the implications of criminal justice policies or procedures on diverse social groups
  • Articulate the importance of research in the social sciences
  • Evaluate criminal justice public policies using analytical competencies
  • Apply the principles of the various criminal bodies of law (i.e., substantive, procedural, and evidentiary) that currently regulate the American criminal justice system

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