Accounting (B.S.)

If you have a way with numbers and are in search of a career that is always in demand, start earning a Bachelor of Science in accounting at University of Maryland Global Campus. All companies and agencies need accounting departments to keep their finances on track, so with an accounting degree, you’ll have a wide range of directions to choose from. Develop skills in managerial accounting, budgeting, accounting systems, internal controls, financial analysis, financial reporting, auditing, and more.

Through your coursework, you will learn how to:

  • Communicate appropriate financial decisions with financial and nonfinancial audiences in a clear and concise manner 
  • Research, prepare, analyze, and review financial and business data by applying accounting and business management principles to produce financial and business reports
  • Use current technology and analytical tools to work collaboratively and facilitate decision making
  • Employ analysis, critical thinking, and problem solving to identify, test, and validate processes, systems, and financial data 
  • Develop ethical decision-making models for business practices by addressing current and emerging issues
  • Conduct fraud detection and deterrence planning, analysis, and communication
  • Perform a range of functions, including auditing and financial reporting, to manage finances for federal agencies
  • Analyze business intelligence, data management, and analytics for an organization to improve results  

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